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Fundamental Forex Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a study of the economic and political conditions of countries where currencies are traded on the foreign exchange market. The purpose of fundamentalist analysis is to assess the possible impact of political and economic events on currency price movements. As the commodity in the foreign exchange market is the currency, the “quality” of the commodity depends on the economic conditions of the country of origin.

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Technical Analysis Forex – Part Two

Before entering a position, you need to know in advance when to exit the market. Traders will not hold positions indefinitely, that’s for sure. Knowing how long you want to maintain your position will determine your exit point and price. If you decide to hold a position for a week, then your profit target will naturally be greater than your goal of holding on to a few hours, because, given the longer period, you may want the price to rise further.

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Technical Analysis Forex – Part One

Technical analysis is defined as “research of market trends that mainly uses graphs to predict future price trends”. To make foreign currency trading profitable, you need to buy when the price is going up or about to go up, and sell when the price is going down or about to go down.

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Make a living with Forex in 2021

Last year, the coronavirus pandemic severely affected livelihoods. Therefore, online CFDs may become more popular in 2021. In this article, we will explore whether you can make money using foreign currency trading.