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Fraudulent Brokers in Forex, How to identify?

For traders, choosing a broker to invest in the foreign exchange market is one of the most important things. It is just as important as your trading system, because even if you have the best system in the world, your broker will bankrupt you.

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Type of Forex Brokers

The foreign exchange is the largest financial market in the world and the most liquid. As it is not a centralized market, there is no single regulatory agency, but several regulatory agencies divided by the world’s financial centers.

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How to operate Forex?

Although currencies are traded 24 hours a day, on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, banks and stock exchanges are closed and bank holidays (usually different holidays in different countries / regions), the market will also be closed.

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The best Forex brokers for you in 2021

Forex trading is the exchange of stocks, oil, currencies and many other assets in other countries. But for ordinary traders, it mainly involves currencies. People are interested in foreign exchange transactions because it provides them with a way to generate large amounts of capital.

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Forex Margin and Leverage

The foreign exchange market has several unique characteristics that attract investors, and the trading margin is one of them. Trading with margin simply means that the dealer is “borrowing” money from the broker in order to be able to buy more currency than the resources he has.