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Advantages of FOREX ?

  1. The most liquid and traded market in the world. When you move about $ 3 trillion a day, liquidity appears immediately. In 24 hours, you can manipulate any financial value and make a profit immediately.


  1. Use leverage. You can control and transfer “large amounts” of funds from small deposits. With this function, you can select the mode of operation that the operator wants in each operation: conservative, medium or aggressive. Allow profits that cannot be achieved in traditional markets.


  1. You can open 24 hours a day in Brasilia time, from +/- 8pm Sunday to +/- 6pm next Friday), that is, after the London market closes, the New York market continues Open. Then, when the New York market closed, Japan and Sydney markets started to open. You can operate at night or at dawn without affecting your work. This flexibility makes it possible to conduct transactions outside main business hours and on local holidays.


  1. The quality and facilities offered by the tools. Forex is the largest tool development market with the highest investment value, so it has the best analysis and operation tools.


  1. Low transaction cost / no handling fee / no bureaucracy.


  1. You can trade any amount of funds from one dollar to billions of dollars.


  1. You can profit from the decline and appreciation of specific currencies. In foreign exchange transactions, when one currency is purchased, another currency is sold, which allows profit to be made in any direction of the market, allowing investors or speculators to buy and sell one currency against another currency. Whether your opinion is appreciation or depreciation of appreciation.


  1. Virtual funds for technology testing and learning phase. Operators provide virtual currency for simulated accounts, simulating 99.9% of real market conditions. This allows novice traders to be trained without creating financial risks. After testing the technology on a virtual account, the operator decides whether to open a real account to operate.


  1. Operate via the Internet, allowing the use of cell phones and laptops to operate anytime and anywhere.


  1. For developers, you can develop ROBOTS and test it automatically on a historical basis, while observing its technical behavior and making adjustments and optimizations. The bot can operate the account alone or through manual monitoring. We even won robot championships between various operators. See report on financial market robots in Veja Magazine.


  1. If you dedicate yourself to researching the market, training and observing discipline, you can achieve financial independence. In addition, if you become an “expert” in the market, there is a “risk” of becoming a millionaire. Otherwise, you better not play cards with your mother-in-law.
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