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Best mobile apps for Forex trading

When IBM invented the first smartphone in 1992, it was difficult to imagine the emergence of technology and the advanced level it would reach 28 years later.


In terms of mobile technology, the world may have taken nearly thirty years to reach its current advanced level, but some important steps have been taken.


Nowadays, mobile devices have become an indispensable part of everyday life, few people can survive long without mobile devices because we are already very dependent on them.


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They also paved the way for new levels of financial transactions that were not anticipated in 1992. Mobile commerce has opened many doors for software developers, foreign exchange brokers and foreign exchange traders.


With the advent of technology, people can trade from the trading terminal, regardless of whether the trader is fixed or constantly changing, the transaction can be carried out anywhere in the world.


When viewing the statistics, about 52% of the website’s traffic comes from mobile devices, which has led to major adjustments from various departments around the world to more appropriately accommodate more mobile users.


More foreign exchange brokers are forced to invest in the option of providing mobile trading apps, otherwise the risk will be left behind when brokers migrate to brokers offering options.


Mobile commerce has many advantages, including, but not limited to:


  • Keeping traders in touch with trading accounts and trading activities.


  • Inform traders about the situation at any time and be prepared.


  • Get broker bonuses for traders who use mobile solutions and more.


What is the best mobile application for foreign exchange trading?

1. MetaTrader 5


The mobile trading application allows you to trade various financial instruments, keeping traders up to date and understanding various trading dynamics and news, and offers advanced features similar to the desktop and web versions.


2. IQ Option Forex


The IQ Option is known for its advanced mobile trading features, which provide traders with trading intelligence and many other features that perfectly mimic the vibrations of the trading room.


3. eToro


EToro is known for its social trading capabilities, and the mobile app offers unparalleled advantages in this regard, as well as advanced features to replicate the transactions of several successful traders.


4. Bloomberg Business Mobile


App When using the Bloomberg mobile app, traders can execute trades after using the app for extensive research or reading news that may affect their trades, or identifying trends that may be beneficial and provide the best trading opportunities and transaction.


5. Exness


application Using this advanced trading application, traders can use sophisticated advanced analysis tools, charts and more than 160 smart indicators and essential drawing tools for technical analysis. The application allows traders to transmit exchange rates, indices, metals and commodities.

6. FXOpen TickTrader


The application can be downloaded for free on Android mobile devices and has several functions, such as opening multiple accounts, real time quotes with market depth, transaction history, advanced tools for technical analysis, etc.


7. Admiral Markets mobile trading


app This proprietary mobile trading app can be used on Android or iOS devices and allows traders to access stocks, currencies, futures and CFDs anytime, anywhere.


 Final considerations 


With the development and continuous improvement of technology, foreign exchange brokers must invest in the provision of mobile transactions, because many traders have the means to allow them to perform remote transactions anytime and anywhere.


There are many applications that allow traders to access foreign currency trading and the foreign exchange market, and these are just some of the best and most popular traders; traders will need to find applications that meet their own business needs, preferences and goals.

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